Specialty Counseling Services

In addition to treating general mental health concerns, I have extensive experience in the following areas:


Eating Disorders:  I have signficant experience and success in working with many clients who struggle with an Eating Disorder, including Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge- Eating Disorder, Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder, patterns of over-exercising as well as body image challenges.  I recognize the complexity of Eating Disorders, and I utilize a mixture of treatment approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment, Dialectical, Cognitive Behavioral, Relational, Interpersonal, and Family Systems Theories.  

While individual work, is recommended  once weekly or even 2x-weekly in the treatment of eating disorders, I have also led a weekly Eating Disorder Therapy group for over 6 years.  This group has proven to be a helpful addition to individual therapy for many of my clients.  The Eating Disorder & Body Image Group is specifically designed for individuals struggling with concerns related to their challenges with managing intense emotions and the impact this has on their relationship with food, body image and over-exercise.  Throughout group therapy sessions, we actively work to explore and challenge belief systems and self-imposed rules. We also discuss relationships, self-image, self acceptance, relaxation/mindfulness and overall symptom management with improved coping. This group is open to clients who meet the criteria for any Eating Disorder.  

**If you are interested in group therapy, and work with an individual counselor else where, I will coordinate with your therapist to provide this group therapy experience.**

I also work closely with a Registered Dietitian, and I encourage a combined treatment approach, which for some clients will also include a medication component.  


Non-Suicidal Self Injury:  I also have extensive experience in working with clients who struggle with Self Injury.  My approach is very similar to my work with clients who are dealing with an Eating Disorder.  Both of these issues are very serious and both have great commonality.  The focus of therapy is learning how to manage and tolerate intense, often overwhelming feelings in a more healthy manner.  


Couples/Marital Therapy: In regards to my work with couples, I have vast experience in working with a variety of issues, including, infidelity, communication challenges, infertility,  loss of romantic/sexual interest, and overall feeling of disconnect.   I have undergone specialized training in the Pragmatic and Experiential Couples Therapy approach, and I also utilize components of the Gottman Method in working with couples on various relationship issues.  Couples are encouraged to utilize out of session homework assignments to practice skills they are learning in session.  I work collaboratively with each partner of the couple, to ensure they are both heard and benefiting from treatment. 

Eating Disorders

Non-Suicidal Self Injury

Couples Therapy

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression:  Anxiety and Depression are two of the most common issues faced by many.  I approach both issues with evidenced based treatment interventions, which have proven to be successful for many clients.  Each treatment plan is tailored to meet the client where they are, and to encourage and assist them in the process of change and leading to improved overall life satisfaction.  

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Accepting many major insurance plans, including BCBS.  Please confirm coverage and benefits prior to first appointment.

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