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Sandy Beach

Areas of Expertise


I work with clients, age 13 and up.  My work with adolescents includes individual and family therapy.  I also provide parenting solutions and assistance to parents who are experiencing challenging circumstances with their teens.  Together, we work to improve the emotional and behavioral components of the client and enhance the family system to function overall in a more healthy way.

My work with adults is collaborative in nature.  I encourage and assist my clients to improve their self awareness, to recognize their inner experiences, as well as their emotional, cognitive and behavioral challenges.  Together we identify goals and work towards improved emotional regulation, coping and daily functioning leading to enhanced overall life satisfaction. 

Couples Therapy

In my work with couples, I have vast experience in working with issues including infidelity, communication challenges, infertility stress, loss of romantic/sexual interest, and overall feeling of disconnect.  I have been trained in Pragmatic and Experiential Couples Therapy method and I also utilize components of the Gottman Method in working with couples on various relationship issues.  Couples are encouraged to utilize out of session homework assignments to practice skills they are learning in session.  I work collaboratively with each partner of the couple, to ensure they are both being heard and benefiting from therapy.

Professional Consultation

I offer business consult to assist in managing work place stress or internal office conflict.  This may include communication skill building, conflict resolution, and team building activities. 


I also offer professional case consultation to licensed clinicians who are seeking individual consult on specific cases, most commonly in the areas of Eating Disorders, Body Image, Non-Suicidal Self Injury, Anxiety, Depression and Couples cases.  

My Approach

The therapeutic treatment that I provide is informed by evidenced-based practices.  I use a combination of approaches including: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy; Motivational Interviewing; skills from Dialectical Behavior Therapy; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; Interpersonal Therapy; Family Systems, Positive Psychology skills; Pragmatic and Experiential Couples Therapy and strategies from the Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

As needed or requested, I will collaborate with Primary Care Physicians or Psychiatrists to ensure the most effective treatment approaches for clients who choose combined treatment.  If a higher level of care is needed, I will assist with the referral process to Intensive Outpatient Programs or Inpatient Programs, depending on client need.  It is best practice that all treatment providers are collaborative in nature, to ensure progress and long sustained improvements.

For my Eating Disorder clients, I work closely with a Registered Dietitian (RD), and I encourage a combined treatment approach, which for some will also include a medication component.  I also utilize a HIPPA approved app to assist with identifying patterns and challenges in the ED recovery process.


I truly value and enjoy working with each client.  It is an honor to witness clients as they discover and challenge themselves to obtain their best personal and professional life and relationships.  

I have been passionate about psychology, since my undergrad years.  My education includes a BA degree from Eastern Illinois University as well as a Master's degree in Clinical Counseling from Loyola University Chicago. I am fully and independently licensed in the state of Illinois.  I have worked in various mental health settings including university, agency, non-for profit, and for the last 9 years in a private practice setting.

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My Approach
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